Backyard Buddy

Stuffed animal adventure game!

Backyard Buddy Jumper – Free Stuffed Animal Adventure Game 1.1

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Stuffed animal toys and adventures, what could be cuter than a game with these two elements combined?

Everybody loves a stuffed toy animal. Remember your very first stuffed toy animal that you get when you’re just a little kid. Every kid loves teddy bears, even Mr. Bean, an adult, has one and calls him “Teddy”.

This adorable jumper game is fun for all ages. Help Buddy and his friends fly high with cute colorful umbrellas and float through the sky collecting coins, and getting exciting upgrades like rocket packs.

Don’t miss out on this game of endless fun and awesome cuteness!

Play Backyard Buddy Jumper – Free Stuffed Animal Adventure Game

-Stuffed toy animal with an umbrella
-Collect coins and upgrade your backyard buddy
-Fly higher and land on the wooden platforms to gain more life and airtime
-Discover upgrades as you fly through sky (rocket packs, etc.)

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