The Climbing Dead

Be the Zombie this time!

The Climbing Dead – A Battle of Zombies vs. Zombie Hunter 1.0

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The tables have been turned in this exciting new game! Now you’re the zombie trying to escape the dreaded zombie hunter!

The Climbing Dead is a brand new game where the villain is the hero! Help our zombies climb out of their graves without getting shot by the zombie hunter!

Escape the hunter and become one of the climbing dead! Climb higher and higher without getting shot down by the grumpy zombie hunter. With a combination of skill, speed, and a little bit of luck you can help the zombies rise again!

Featuring 15 levels of exciting game play. This Universal game works on any iOS device.

-Easy to play. Hard to stop.
-Exciting zombie game
-Earn stars as you climb to the top
-Play with your zombie friends

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