Fruit Match Madness

Match three fruits style puzzle game!

Fruit Match Madness – Match Three Puzzle Mania Blast Game 1.0

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 6 users.

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Want to play a game that is super easy to learn but hard to master? Looking for a game like Candy Crush Saga? Then this game is for you!

Fruit Match Madness has a game board filled with different colored fruits. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent fruits to create sets of three or more fruits of the same color.

Match any three fruits pieces horizontally or vertically to clear them. Beat the clock and set a new high score record. Challenge yourself and your friends in this fun and addicting puzzle game.

A brand new match game designed for tons of fun for hours and hours!


– Easy to learn, Hard to Master
– Enjoy amazing graphics and sound
– Match three style puzzle game
– Challenge your Friends with Real-Time Multi Player Option
– High scores with exciting combo moves
– Exciting fun for hours

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