InstaTheme 1.0

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- High Quality Design
- Unique LockScreen and Homescreen Ideas
- Easy to use
- Multiple Options

Looking to enhance your backgrounds to give it a stylized effect?

With InstaTheme you can add creative colored overlays to regions found within the background. With tons of options to choose from and thousands of combinations, you'll never get bored of customizing your backgrounds again!

How does it work? InstaTheme adds creative overlays to the regions within your background to give it a "stylized effect"

Note: InstaTheme does not directly change the appearance of your phone. It adds overlays to regions of your background to give it a stylized effect! Inspired widgets serve as appearance enhancers and are not intended to be functional. By purchasing this app you will be provided with basic themes. Additional themes can be purchased within the app.

All themes are owned and are the sole property of InstaTheme.

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