My Menus Lite 2.0

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Redesigned and Now for iPad


Introducing My Menus – the 21st century way to remember your favorite recipes.

My Menus is a new and beautiful way to organize all of your recipes in one, neat application. When we started developing My Menus, we knew that we wanted to create a carefree solution to make every meal time a breeze. With our latest application, you can save time and simplify your life by having all of your recipes and more – in the palm of your hand.

With My Menus, we display all of the essential recipe information ready for you to view at a glance – from cooking methods to protein types – it’s all there, and just a few taps away. Saving a new recipe is easier than ever with My Menus – it’s a three step process and it takes merely seconds to complete. You can also add any additional information in a Notes textbox to remind you of any additional instructions or pre-preparation.

Deciding what to eat can be a difficult task – but My Menus has you covered. Click the ‘Surprise Me’ button to get a random suggestion from our app – it’s a great way to bring a random element to your day.

If you want to eat something specific – just sort your recipes by protein type, cooking methods or even cooking times if you want to make something quickly. Edit a recipe if you make changes to it or delete one just as easily.

My Menus is the 21st century way to organize your meal time.

– Easily organize your recipes by protein type, cooking methods or cooking time.
– Add a new recipe in merely seconds.
– Get My Menus to surprise you with a recipe if you cannot decide what to make.
– Add any additional information with the Notes textbox.

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