Running Clash Warrior – Escape from Village Archers Free Game 1.2

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Welcome to the mighty world of Running Clash Warrior – unleash your inner-warrior!

In a distant, unknown land, mighty warriors are forever under the attack of dragons and archers. Their duty is to protect the leaders from this ongoing attack – by putting their life on the line as they fight through the days, defeating enemies and reclaiming land taken by the rogues.

Warrior #1212 has been assigned the task as a runner, those who charge in the face of danger – running through harsh landscapes with just an axe in hand. It is your mission to avoid the rogues and make it to the outer edges of the kingdom – before it is claimed by the beasts and sharpshooters. As the rogues continue their advance, they make it increasingly hard to get to the outer edge of the kingdom, so you must jump over the enemies whilst avoiding drops that will spell certain-death!

Tap once to jump or twice to leap even higher! Timing and accuracy is important and could draw the line between life and death! The further you run, the higher your score – how long can you survive? Jump from platform to platform – avoiding the rogues and sprinting your way to victory!

Conquer the rogues today and keep the kingdom safe – in Running Clash Warrior!

> Stunning graphics in addition to addictive and crazy gameplay.
> An endless running quest like none other!
> Tap to jump and double tap to leap even higher!
> Buy in-game extras in the store!

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