Zombie Epic Adventure

Fun Undead Strategy Puzzle Game

A Zombie Epic Adventure – Fun Undead Strategy Puzzle Game 1.0

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Zombie Epic Adventure

Want to play zombies and adventure games?

Then try Zombie Epic Adventure Game!

A Zombie is an undead which has a decomposed body. He is slow and can’t run fast. But not in this game, Zombie Epic Adventure needs your help to let our zombie go the distance and collect all the brains and eyeballs you can!

It is a challenging game of speed and skill. Help the zombie run and jump through wheels! And on his way you will be collecting eyeballs and brains, collect all you can! Collect all you want! Challenge your friends and see how many brains and eyeballs you and your friends collect!


-Challenging gameplay
-Speed and skills are required for you to play
-Collect all brains and eyeballs on the way
-Exciting zombie adventure game!
-Go the distance, the longer the better!

Download now and have fun with Zombie Epic Adventure!

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